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We are passionate about delivering exceptional participant events, and we use our expertise to help organisers create the best experiences possible.



krono:sports supports the delivery of events where over 100,000 participants take place annually. We are as confident when working alongside a major event with a large event budget as we are delivering a bespoke event for clients with smaller numbers.

krono:sports recognises that every event is unique, and what puts us ahead of our competitors is our hands-on, collaborative approach. Continuous improvement is a key part of our business development and therefore we are always working with our clients to review what works, as well as what doesn’t work, in order to ensure that the next event is even better than the last.


krono:sports will lead on development of event course routes, venue layout design and construction, and show a full operational event plan for event days, including crowd flow, AV requirements, crew communications, to ensure the day is safe and all risks properly managed.

We have the chip-timing system for you, whether you are organising a local charity run or a half marathon for 20,000 people.

We tailor our services to your needs, and work closely with you to ensure that your event goals are met. We have developed exciting new technologies that can make timing events more accurate and efficient and, as well as this, we pride ourselves on providing one of the best results services in the UK.

As standard we provide the following at each event we time:

Sports event would not be an event without the participants. That is why we focus on providing the best user-friendly experience for those who would like to enter your race in the quickest and smoothest way!

We offer customisable pages that can collect all the necessary participant information for you and even sell extra add-ons such as an event merchandise and any other  services. 

We cover all aspects of online registration and provide the best results:

We all know how time consuming creating a race pack can be. Having a team of volunteers sticking labels, packing envelopes, having a nightmare trying to mail merge your entry database. We have been sending race packs out for the last 10 years and we are pretty good at it. In this time we have perfected our setup and purchased the very latest in envelope printers and packers in order to provide this service to the public.

We are very pleased to offer this service not only our own customers but any event that is looking for a professional low cost race pack fulfilment service that even includes a personalised event branded envelope.





We will be in touch soon!

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